Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services

since 2008 | serving metro atlanta

signature cleaning


Every GCS team is equipped with backpack vacuums that employ a four-level filtration system to capture the particles that make for unhealthy air. This method of suction vacuuming cleans surfaces without stirring up dust. The air stays cleaner and there is no disturbed dust to settle again on furniture, baseboards or walls. 

The teams also carry microfiber cloths that accumulate and absorb dirt particles better than other fabrics.

Signature Green Cleaning


Ask for Signature Green Cleaning and our team will use only all-natural cleaning products that are environmentally friendly. We maintain separate equipment and microfiber cloths for Signature Green Cleaning, so there will be no cross contamination. This level of clean is very effective for workspaces where occupant health is of greater concern.

carpet cleaning


When carpets are ready for cleaning, the GCS team will arrive with the necessary equipment to complete the cleaning in one visit.  The team will move the chairs off the carpet and clean around/under the remaining furniture. We will vacuum first and then pre-treat the carpets before cleaning. The chairs will be left to the side to allow the carpet time to dry. Cost is based on square footage and carpet condition.

floor strip & wax


Floor stripping involves stripping off the old wax and applying new wax.  The GCS team will bring the necessary equipment and will complete the task in a single visit. They will move chairs but other furniture will remain in place. Older wax will be removed by stripping the floor, then the floors will be mopped to remove all residue. The appropriate number of coats are applied utilizing a high-resolution wax. Number of coats depends on the amount of traffic and the level of gloss desired. Cost is based on square footage and the number of coats of wax applied. Chairs that were moved will be returned to their original positions.